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About Me - Anecea Stambaugh-Groth, LCMFT, LCAC

Anecea Stambaugh-Groth, LCMFT, LCAC

I believe that we each have the power to create lasting changes in our life. It is my belief that we can often learn a great deal from our hardships and go on to live richer and fuller lives because of our experiences. Through my experience as a Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist and a Licensed Clinical Addiction Counselor I have been amazed by the strength, perseverance and resilience of my clients. I am here to offer support and understanding, as well as to help you recognize your own unique strengths.

I see individuals, couples and families. I have previous experience working with those who have been through trauma,infidelity and behavioral issues, and a variety of mental health issues. I have worked with people with substance abuse issues and their families, early childhood mental health issues and community mental health.
My training allows me to be able to work with individuals and their families. I believe that when an individual is changing, it is often important for those around them to understand and participate in the process.